The latest weather in Tenerife

Below we are pleased to be able to bring you an up to date weather observation from Tenerife as reported by BBC weather and the MET office. Scroll down for information on Tenerife’s climate throughout the year.

The weather forecast for Tenerife

Let’s see what the next few days are looking like weather wise for Tenerife.

Tenerife Climate

Sunny Tenerife enjoys an average temperature of 21° – 24°C in the winter and 26° – 29°C in the summer.
Tenerife is called in Spanish, Isla de la Eterna Primavera which means the “Island of Eternal Spring”. Being located on equal latitude with the Sahara Desert, Tenerife, as you would expect enjoys a warm climate year round. Though it’s rare for the temperature to drop below 15°C in Tenerife in the winter, it can feel cold at night. Most Tenerife hotels and apartments provide extra blankets.

Rain is a rare occurence in Tenerife – In June and July in particular it is unusual to get any rainfall. The wettest season is during the winter, but for example in January, an average of five days of rainfall over the whole month can be expected in a normal year.

There are differences in what weather you can expect depending on what resort in Tenerife you are staying in. The North of Tenerife (e.g. Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz) has a reputation as being more cloudy and rainy. This also gives the North it’s characteristic “lush green” appeal. If you want some snow, Mount Teide can have a snow cover for up to three months in the winter. It is possible to experience snow and surf in one day on Tenerife. Talking of which the sea temperatures in the Canary Islands are normally around 20°C, slightly hotter in the summer months and even in September and October.

Here’s the weather forecast for Tenerife North :

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